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To join the Noritake Collectors' Society, please complete this form on-line. If you prefer, you may print out the PDF form and send the completed form (and payment) to:

Noritake Collectors' Society
c/o Louise Ferguson, Treasurer
P.O.Box 1107
Milton, WA 98354 USA

Membership is for the calendar year, no matter what month you join. If you join the NCS after the end of March, you will receive all back issues of Noritake News for that year. However, if you wish to join the NCS after the end of October, you may choose to start your NCS membership (and newsletter subscription) in January of the subsequent year (see last question below). Nevertheless, new NCS members, even joining as late as mid-December of a given year, are encouraged to consider starting your membership for the current year in order to catch up on what has been happening in the NCS and be in a better position to appreciate what is in store for Society members in the year ahead.

Starting immediately, all new or returning members who join for at least two years will receive all of the issues of Noritake News that were sent during the year PRIOR to the start of membership. In other words, if you sign up for at least two years now, you get the previous year's issues free.

Payment may be made by check or money order mailed to the address above, or by Acceptance Mark

PayPal Payment Options for Current Members, New Members or Returning Members (Click on the PayPal logo)

1 Year Membership - $45.00
2 Year Membership - $90.00
3 Year Membership - $135.00

If you are a current member, please complete and return the renewal form mailed to you by the NCS, which has some additional questions specifically for current members.

If you are a new or returning member, please complete this form on-line, or print out the PDF form and send it to the address above, so that you may start receiving your Noritake News and member benefits as soon as possible. If you choose to pay by PayPal, please click on the radio button for your subscription choice, as well:

Occasionally, the NCS is able to offer benefits to its members from third parties, such as notices about auctions or special pricing for books.
If your application is dated after October 31st, please indicate whether you wish to have your membership start in this year or the next calendar year.